About the Author

I’m a science fiction indie author. My first two science fiction novel, A Candle Amongst the Stars, and Warriors Made of Glass are out now and available on various eReader platforms. Check out The Zerra Series page for more info.

I grew up in the 80’s to 00’s, during the heady days of terrestrial TV sci-fi. Long-running cult series, combined with re-runs of kitsch 70’s shows, ensured I spent my evenings permanently glued to the TV. This had a profound effect on my fertile imagination, and it wasn’t long before strange, strong-willed characters were evolving in my mind, clamouring to have their stories told. I ignored them, and somehow managed to get a BSc in marine biology, and a MSc in Marine Mammal Science. But now I’ve finally given in to the voices, and I’m simply along for the ride….


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