Greetings… Finally

So I’ve finally weaned myself off my Cityville addiction. Actually Zynga made it easy for me. They’ve recently introduced some ridiculous new changes along with unobtainable goals which have pissed me (& 1000’s of other players) off no-end. Now I’m not constantly having to refresh my browser in order to play the game, I have a bit (who am I kidding? A LOT! Stupid Cityville & Flash) of free time which means I can get my blog under way.

Another downside of the Cityville ball & chain was that I’d lost direction in my life. The phrase “can’t be arsed” was very much my mind-set. They say the internet can be educational. It merely dumbed me down more & more each day.

That’s not to say I don’t miss it a bit. I enjoy city-building games. As a kind-of Cityville patch I’ve started playing City of Wonder. The game loads better (if you don’t play it through Facebook) so again… less time taken up.

Anyway I need to get my life back on track. I’m in my 30’s & unemployed in a country where I can’t speak the language (despite being here for close to seven months). Things need to change for the sake of my mental health & my wallet. There is so much I want to do & achieve that I need to find a way to focus. This is where my blog comes into play. I shall devote a day to a different part of my development & hopefully, by writing articles & doing it in a more public way, this blog will help keep me motivated.

To that end here’s how my blog will shape up…

Monday – Marine Mammal Monday
Tuesday – Rest (actually more likely searching umpteen job search engines in the vain hope of finding employment)
Wednesday – Writing Wednesday
Thursday – Dutch Donderdag
Friday – Finding Myself Friday
Saturday – Slimming Saturday
Sunday – Rest 😀
So what am I on about for each day? Well this…

Marine Mammal Monday

I’m a marine mammalogist passionate about the marine environment & fed up with all the shitty things humans are doing to it and it’s inhabitants. So on Monday’s I will be trying to educate my readers (& also me) about the goings-on’s in the ocean. It will probably be focused more on marine mammals (as that’s my forte) but hopefully I’ll spread my literary net as time goes on.

Writing Wednesday

I want to write a sci-fi novel (or several). People have mentioned I have a way with words & I have a very vivid imagination, which keeps me awake for several hours a night before exhaustion gets me to sleep. Maybe by capturing these thoughts on paper I’ll get to sleep faster.
So Wednesday will be my day to update the world on my writing progress. If writer’s block has set in I’ll just post some articles about the literary world in general instead.
Don’t expect me to tell you what I’m writing about…. I don’t want anybody nicking my ideas. 😀

Dutch Donderdag

Donderdag is Dutch for Thursday.
I moved to Amsterdam to be with my boyfriend 7 months ago (as stated earlier) & as such I have been lacking in integration. I recently joined a meet up group of other expat girls (after several days’ procrastination) & now go out to lunch regularly on Thursdays. Which is why I chose Thursday to write about what I’m learning about Dutch culture… even if it’s just to recommend a nice restaurant.

Finding Myself Friday

Rather a general heading for the subject of “personal growth”. This is a day to reflect, plan or maybe just waffle

Saturday – Slimming Saturday


I need to lose weight. Fact! About 2 stones (12.7 kilos). I’ve been trying to lose them for months & it’s not going well. They like me too much (or rather I like alcohol, chocolate, bread & cheese too much). A public diet might help me focus. Although, if you don’t hear from me on a Friday assume the worst… they’ve found me again!

Now I just need to think about my first posts. Speak to you tomorrow.


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