Dutch Donderdag – Christmas Survived

So I managed to survive the two days of Dutch Christmas. The first day was spent at home as my other half was working. Before he left I introduced him to the British traditions of “Christmas crackers” & “mince pies”. It would appear the Dutch have no experience with either. The cracker was met with utter bemusement. I explained that you grab one end & pull. This was done… accompanied with the traditional >bang<… & the not so traditional comment of “it smells funny”. I had to explain that this was due to the little firework thing that makes it go bang… along with explaining the contents of crappy hat, crappier joke & crappier-still present. I’m not sure the concept of this tradition was truly grasped.

Next came the eating of the mince pie. One bite was taken… one face was pulled… & I finished off the rest. *Sigh*. I seriously need to bring some Christmas culture to these people. LOL

Second Christmas day was spent at the “in-law’s” (I use quotation marks as mum-in-law is not strictly so as we’re not married but happily living in sin). I was presented, for one gift, the book ‘VegetarianCooking for Dummies’ & was given a year’s notice… next Christmas I would be cooking dinner. Yay me! At least I have 365 days to plan (366 if next year’s a leap year… I hope!)

So that was my first brief foray into Dutch Christmas. All the mince pies have been eaten (by me!). All the Cadbury’s biscuits have been eaten (mostly by me) & my present of posh Pucinni chocolates has also been polished off (by me!). Needless to say the arrival of January 1stwill be accompanied with the obligatory resolution to diet. Now there’s a groundhog day if ever there was one.

Pucinni chocolates are the best chocolates in the world by the way. At least I think they are & considering how much chocolate I eat I must be regarded as some sort of connoisseur (as opposed to just a greedy so-&-so). There are several shops around Amsterdam… one of which is just down the road from me & would be dangerous, if I was rich. Luckily for my waistline I’m not, so birthdays & Christmas’ I get to indulge.

Next Dutch experience… New Year’s Eve!


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