Slimming Saturday – I Have a Secret Weapon

Oh how much do I hate weighing myself after a few days of ‘dieting’, only to find I’ve put weight on? WHY????? Ok, so I had a couple of bad days. I went to the cinema on Wednesday & had a bag of Maltesers. Then on Thursday I had my meet-up group at a Mexican restaurant. But yesterday I was exceptionally good. In which case, I must have put on a load of weight the last few days prior to my weigh-in this morning. Grrrrr. Apparently at this rate it’ll take 8 months to reach my weight goal. Mind you, at least that means it’ll be reached in time for my birthday (if I behave).

My non-drinking is going so-so. I made an exception for Mexican night as margaritas HAD to be drunk. But apart from that I’m going strong. The first few days were a nightmare. I’m so used to drinking one or two drinks an evening whilst watching TV that I felt I was missing something without. Goes to show how much you can drink without realising what you’re doing. I’m not sure if I’ll be lasting the rest of the month without alcohol. There has been mention of a get together with people on Chinese New Year. But that still gives me a couple of weeks of sobriety.

Taking my dieting a bit more seriously I found a good website to chart my progress (or current lack of) on. FatSecret is a free website you can use to track calorie intake & exercise, join groups for support & undertake dieting challenges. It has a great database of food stuffs for when you’re counting calories which can be added to by other users, or yourself, if a particular food isn’t listed. And when I say it’s free I mean it’s FREE. Not like these sites that go “get your free diet plan here” only for you to find that, once you’ve added all your measurements & dietary requirements,  your faced with a page asking you to pay money to sign up for the diet resources BEFORE you can get your free plan.


I do have one dietary weapon in my arsenal & it’s one that I’ve found completely by accident (& no one knows about it but me… until now). Anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE (weight aside) fan of Lush Cosmetics. All their gorgeous, sweet smelling products are vegetarian (occasionally vegan) & friendly to the environment. I’m particularly fond of their vanilla products & a while ago they brought out a vanilla scented perfume, Vanillary. I bought the stick version but didn’t use it all that much as it turned out to be a little messy. This Christmas, for a present, my boyfriend bought me the spray bottle version. This meant I could use it a lot more & would often spritz myself first thing in the morning when I got up. Since using this perfume I have noticed my desire to snack has all but vanished. Considering I’m very much an emotional eater this is quite a big thing for me. I used to eat when bored, stressed, frustrated or tired but not any more. I’m pretty sure it’s the perfume that’s done is as nothing else has changed much in my life. There has been some research done on the effect of smell on appetite1 but the scents that curb eating tend to be what’s called “neutral” scents2 (e.g. peppermint, banana & green apple2,3), nothing as strong & sweet smelling as my vanilla perfume. But hey, I’m not going to look a diet horse in the mouth. It works for me & that’s all I care about.


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