Writing Wednesday – I am a Published Poet

Well so far I’ve done bugger-all with my novel (*hangs head in shame*). Mainly I just haven’t been in an artistic frame of mind.

I’ll let you into a little secret though… I’m already a published writer, in poetry no less. It was 1992 and the author Jennifer Curry was creating an anthology of poems about war & peace. The book would contain works by William Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy & yours truly. Ok, I was not the only child to be included in the book, four other schools were involved in writing new works for the book & out of my school a further eight pupils would be immortalised. But hey, it’s my one claim to fame. My poem also shows that, even at the age of 13, I was very much in marine biologist mode.

So, from “Dove on the Roof: A Collection of Poems about Peace” here is my poem…

Destroyer Destroyed

In the ocean a ship lies
Amongst the coral and weeds.
Its guns are silent.
Round a port hole lurks a shark;
In the cabins, fish swim between the bunks;
They own the ship.
They hatch their young
In machines
That long ago took life.
Their home
Was once a Destroyer.
Shark and fish
Live together in peace.

Now if I could just recapture that artistic flare & crack on with my novel…


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