Slimming Saturday – Back in the Saddle

I haven’t done a post for “Slimming Saturday” in quite a while & there’s a reason for that… I haven’t been losing weight! The past 3 months has seen me lose & gain… & lose… & gain the same sodding kilo. Then the last 2 weeks saw me rapidly gain 2 kilos & I had to make a choice. Give up on dieting, continue gaining weight at the same rate & try & make it into the Guinness Book of Records, or go on an even stricter diet to try & shift the pounds.

As I have a wardrobe full of clothes I can’t get into I’ve opted for the latter… mainly because I can’t afford to by a whole new wardrobe full of tents.

I dug out my Rose Elliot’s Vegetarian Slimming book I’ve had for many years & have been following the recipes in it for about a week & the good news is I’ve shifted a couple of kilos… albeit the 2 kilos that I had recently put on… no news yet on the yo-yo kilo.

Another bonus is that the weather is finally warm enough for me to eat (& enjoy) salad & fruit &, also, start using my exercise bike again. During the winter months we needed about 3 layers of clothes just to brave a quick visit to the bedroom…. never mind have an extensive stay. I did my first peddling blitz today, after shifting the huge pile of clothes that had mysteriously grown on it & I must say I did quite well. Ok, so I ‘hit the wall’ & ‘felt the burn’ after just 2 minutes but I kept on going (after turning the resistance setting down one notch) & I am pleased to say I did a full 39 minutes worth despite hitting several more walls. Then I got off the bike & kinda wished I couldn’t feel my legs. Man they ached!

Cycling I felt like Homer did… 34 seconds into this clip.

Not sure if I’ll be doing the same tomorrow or not… it depends if I can walk.


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