Writing Wednesday – Cooking Shifted from Electric to gas

So, you may have noticed a new widget at the top of my page. Well that is my novel word count widget. After getting yet another job rejection letter I decided to give myself a bigger kick up the kiester & start making proper progress on my first book. I’ve set myself a word limit of 50,000 after reading that the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America specifies a word length of 40,000 for the novel category of its Nebula award categories. Okay I’m not expecting to win awards for my story (well, at least not a Nebula as that’s for American writers, maybe a BFSA instead… LOL) but it gives me a total to work to.

So far I’m bashing out about 1,500 – 2,000 words a day (I get up late & have other minor stuff to do during the day… mainly Sims on Facebook) and have managed to pass the minimum halfway mark. Hopefully this rate will see me finishing the first draft before the end of June. Then it’ll be rewrites galore. So far I’ve discovered my strengths lay with descriptive writing & battle scenes. My weaknesses are forming emotional moments & getting the right there/their (despite knowing full well the difference). Thank heavens for Word grammar check.


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