Obligatory first post

Giving blogging another shot, especially as I have my first novel out. It was a labour of love writing…& an endless editing stress. You can find out more about my new book, and read sample chapters, using the links opposite. It’s currently only available from the sites listed, but it’s being sent out via Smashwords, so I’m sure I’ll be able to add more soon, like B&N and iBookstore.

This blog will, hopefully, provide some more insight into my writing, as well as show off my burgeoning digital art skill. I’m pretty swamped with social networking sites (the joys of self publishing & marketing one’s own work), plus I’m trying to write my next novel, so posts here won’t be of great frequency. If you want to check out my other pages then check out the Links App on the left side of the page. The little thumbnails will take you directly to some of my sites, whereas the large image will take you to my About.me page…which lists even more!

It’s a miracle I have any time left to write!!


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