Meet the Races

Writing a science fiction novel means birthing a whole host of new & weird races…& finding ways of keeping track of their appearances & life histories. Personally, I like to be able to instantly visualise my entities, instead of having to leaf through pages of descriptions. It gives them more life & it allows me to write their stories better. The problem is, I’m useless at drawing life-like ‘people’, & I really don’t want to waste precious writing hours trying to draw, colour & accessorise them…. Which is where [the now defunct] came in handy. For the uninitiated, it’s was a website that allowed you to create really quite intricate avatars (for the forum Gaia online), & it allowed me to create visual representations of my characters. Not all mind. Some of my races have multiple limbs… or are distinctly un-humanoid in appearance. Those guys have to remain in my head.

But for the majority, I played around in tektek until I had formed an image that resonated with me & that I knew fitted the race name & persona.

So, without further ado, I Introduce the races from my novel


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