Doctors & Mines

Doctor Yay!

So as any Whovian (& would be Whovian) worth their bow tie knows, the 12thdoctor has been revealed.

Now I wouldn’t call myself a major Doctor Who fan, hell I’d probably struggle to even make it into the league of moderate Whovian. My watching record of ‘new who’ has been fairly sporadic over the years, what with evening jobs, or plain old forgetfulness. Still, I managed to watch the recent series from start to end and even my boyf was getting into it, so when the BBC announced its special reveal show I was there, watching, unaccountably nervous.

Actually, I had been mentally championing Rupert Grint for the next Doctor. Simply for the reason he’s young, cute & ginger (I would like to state that I’m none of these things). After being odds on favourite his name disappeared & a wealth of names of actors (& actresses) I’d never heard of got bandied about. Then came the announcement that Peter Capaldi had become favourite & all betting was suspended. His name I did know, but I was sceptical. Not because I didn’t think he could be the Doctor, but because I figured the BBC was more likely to cave to PC pressure & cast a woman, or cave to tween fan-girl pressure & cast somebody barely out of puberty (although that would have been fine if it had been Rupert, LOL).

*side note* All this waffle that the Doctor should be a woman gets on my nerves. In my opinion, the Doctor is (& should have no problem in always being) a masculine force, one whom is surrounded at all times by the feminine forces of the TARDIS, his companion, & various other female characters. Just because the Doctor can be a woman doesn’t mean he has to be. Doctor Who had given us a high dosage of strong, independent, tenacious female characters over recent years, so there should be no talk of sexism. As a woman, I don’t see the doctor being male as a snub to my gender. As for skin colour…. Black, white, brown, green, sky-blue-pink…. I couldn’t give a figs arse. Actually I think Colin Salmon would make quite a dashing doctor.

Anyway…skipping to the end. As we all know, long-time Whovian Peter Capaldi was revealed. You could have knocked me over with a fez. A moments pause… then… “YAY!”. I think he will make a superb doctor and I, like so many fans of the show, hope he brings a touch of much needed darkness & drama back to Doctor Who. Don’t get me wrong, Matt Smith is a fine actor, I just felt that watching his interpretation of the doctor was like watching a seven-armed energizer bunny on acid. It was too manic, & a touch silly, for my taste (& don’t get me started on the script quality of the last season, though I know that was not his fault).

Still, I’m excitedly looking forward to the new series in 2014. Hopefully the scripts will be more quality than quantity (whatever happened to two-parters? Come on BBC, the internet hasn’t completely destroyed our long-term memories). Perhaps 2014 will be the year I finally become a true Whovian.

Oh, & if casting an older doctor means the series looses the following of a few crushing fan-girls, then so be it. Leave the series to the devoted, long stayers. I doubt they’ll mind. (FYI: I think Mr. Capaldi is a silver fox… so there! *sticks out tongue*)

An Early Birthday Present

I caved, & have gone part-way to confirming my geekhood. I bought Minecraft as an early birthday present to myself (hopefully my actual birthday money won’t be too long in coming). I spent two solid days playing it & ended up screwing up my brain. Every time I closed my eyes I saw blocks & my dreams were Minecrafty. I kid you not, it was really quiet disturbing! Anyhow, going cold turkey for the rest of the week. So far I’ve managed to build a house, capture two sheep and a cow and I’m in the process of building Stonehenge on the top of a snowy mountain. I’m not overly happy at having to kill animals for certain supplies & I’m surprised it hasn’t been lambasted by PETA (or has it & I missed the memo?). Still, it’s a fun game, though I’m not yet brave enough to leave the ‘Peaceful’ setting.



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