Plugging Along & Suicidal NPCs

So what have I been up to recently? Well I’ve been struggling to keep up on my novel, not because I can’t think of what to write, but because I’m loosing the will to do anything much these days. Being unemployed & broke, feeling my intelligence wilt away, & realising the goals I’d set for my 25 year old self are still unattained even a decade later (& are getting increasingly unlikely to ever be attained) is enough to put anyone in a permanent melancholy. Still we soldier on.

I’ve finally finished the first draft of my second novel and it’s rocking about 120,000 words. That’s nearly 30,000 more than the first. It’s getting epic people! Now I have the laborious task of printing it out, reading it, & implementing the myriad of edits it no doubt sorely needs. Ugh!

I’ve also been playing a bit more in Minecraft. I’m a bit of a wimp really & play in Peaceful, whilst building in Survival & Creative modes. I know there’s some out there who think playing in Creative mode is cheating, but my computer is old & laggy & I regularly end up placing 2-3 blocks when I only wanted to lay down one. I don’t want to have to waste my time with having to destroy those blocks (only then to have to repeat the process), so I prefer one hit destruction. Maybe in the future I’ll switch to Normal mode so I can learn to fight mods, but only AFTER I’ve braved the Nether. Still, I’m having fun building. I’m currently working on a little coastal village….

The local drinking hole, The Port of Call

Plugging Along & Suicidal NPCs

Lighthouse & my house

Plugging Along & Suicidal NPCs

Part of the village from up high

I was getting lonely though, so I spawned some villagers.

Party time in the pub. I bought a carrot

It took me a while to figure out their quirks. First they started disappearing, which was odd as there were no mods to kill them. It turned out they were suicidally diving into the sea & swimming under the floating bait store, where they promptly got trapped & drowned. Oops. A sloping beach soon sorted that out.

Then they started jumping over the fence into the pig pen, but wouldn’t climb up the ladder to escape. I had to remove a section of hedge that allowed them to hurdle the fence…then had to slaughter the wayward villagers as they were too dumb to free themselves. For a sandbox game you have to have some bloodthirsty things.

However, not everything I’ve made has been under the influence of Creative. My first complicated build was done in Survival, a nice mini Stonehenge, which was not easy as I had to reshape the top of a mountain & smelt a load of stone. I was pretty pleased with myself once it was done though.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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