Lacking in Motivation!

Yeah, I know, I said I’d do more regular posts, but Mr. Motivation went on holiday for a loooong time. Have made it one of my new year’s resolution to try & do 2 posts a months. Don’t know if I’ll manage to stick to it though. I have my second novel to finish editing, plus I’ve enrolled in some online courses to try & relearn some of the stuff my brain decided to dump after leaving uni. Still, I’ll do my best.

As for when the second instalment of my novel will be out…. Having learnt how tricky deadlines can be when I tried to predict the publication of my first, I’ll just say it’ll be done when it’s done. If it’s not out before midsummer then something will have gone seriously tits-up.

You can read/download a free sample of my novel, or (even better) purchase a copy from the following sites: Amazon UKAmazon.comSmashwordsKoboB&N, & iBookstore .


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