General Rant

It all started with Google+ accusing me of using a bot on my profile page. For the record, I hadn’t, but with Google it’s shoot first, don’t bother about questions later. Anyhow, the upshot was I’d been regularly scheduling posts on my Google+ profile, only for them not to have actually posted. It wasn’t till I’d decided to visit my profile, found the warning, & re-confirmed their terms & conditions, did I notice anything amiss.

Cue swearing.

I’m guessing it may have been down to the app ‘Do Share’ I’d been using to schedule posts, as neither Hootsuite or Buffer have the ability to post on profile pages. An app, I might add, that is freely downloadable from Chrome’s own extensions site. I know a lot of people out there decry the use of scheduling, but I’m not one of them. Firstly, the majority of people that follow me are in the US, so if I do all my posting in the morning, when I’m free, few people will see the posts. Secondly, I might want to share 10 posts or so. To do so at once is spammy & annoying. Tis far better IMHO to spread them out during the day, engage more people, & irritate less. But apparently Google doesn’t think likewise. Anyhow, I’ve now deactivated Do Share, & I’m now spamming the few people who use Google+ in the morning CET with posts.

Engagement has since (surprise surprise) gone down. More swearing.

So this got me thinking about the reliance I have on Google, specifically this blog. I wanted to get it off this site for a number of reasons:
1. The page view statistics mean fuck all (excuse my language). Blogger is riddled with bots making false link engagement, so I have no idea if anybody real is actually reading this blog. Further, Google has no desire to deal with click-spam.
2. Nobody is subscribed to this blog. Another of my blog sites, Tumblr, has 300+ followers & it would be nice to utilise that. In terms of visibility, this Blogger blog ranks alongside my Facebook page (I don’t pay to use FB, so no bugger sees my posts).
3. Google is bloody fickle. There’s a good chance they’ll dump Blogger into the abyss at some point to save money.

Needless to say I wanted to escape the Blogger clutches…but oh if only it was that easy.

My first port of call was Tumblr. Like I said, I’ve already got a small audience there, my layout is kinda cool, & I wanted to work off the back of that. Trouble is, trying to format a post on Tumblr, using HTML, is a fucking nightmare! The posts routinely deleted any HTML formatting I added, & ended up just getting extremely frustrated. & that was just from copying existing posts over, never mind creating new ones down the road. If I wanted to create a post I had to do so from scratch, & add all the twiddly, prettifying HTML formatting by hand. Nerts to that!

Next was I signed up, then signed right back out. Unless you’re willing to pay for the service you can do jack-shit in the way of customisation. So basically I’d be stuck with a boring layout that displayed no relevance to the posts I’m writing. The only bonus it had going for it (I think, as I never wrote a post) is that I could centre text & have the bloody thing stay centred.

So I’m back to square one, & stuck sucking at Google’s teat until a decent, competitive, & FREE site comes along. Or I could just say screw it & give up, seeing as nobody reads this.

As a final remark I’d like to update on the current status of my book. That is, it’s on hiatus because I’ve totally lost the drive to do anything with it. I did sell another copy of the first instalment, but it wasn’t enough to reignite the spark. Instead, I’ve been doing online MOOCs in a bid to show the world that despite three years of unemployment I still have a functioning IQ. Not that there’s any jobs going locally in my field of expertise (marine biology)…or that any bugger’ll employ me after I’ve been out of the employment loop for so long.

Don’t have dreams kids, they leave you with nothing but heartache!


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