Jumping Ship (Twice)

…. and over we jump to Tumblr* WordPress

This is going to be a basic round-up, as I’ve spent too much time faffing around with this blog’s layout this afternoon. First off, welcome one and all. This blog is a continuation from my old Blogger site. I’ve jumped ship as Tumblr provides me with a better opportunity to mess around with html and css, which is something I’ve been trying to get the hang of. I’ve jumped ship to WordPress because I need to get the hang of it, and it has a slightly better layout. Can still mess around with html though! I’ve brought over the main pages from Blogger, but my other ramblings I’ve kept there. I may share them on this site as a kinda Throwback Thursday thing later.

2015 proceeded to kick the dog while it was down, so I didn’t get my third novel under way as planned. However, a bit of good news came my way, and that was Scrivener had finally released its beta Linux version, and for free! Though I didn’t get any words down, I did spend some time populating the programme with all my character biographies in readiness. Boy did I have A LOT to copy over.

My second novel’s cover didn’t make it to the finals of AUTHORSdb competition, but I’m not bummed about that. Being a semi-finalist is still pretty good going, especially as I made the cover myself. I get to rock a little rosette, which is nice.

2016 sees me in a bit of a better mind set (relatively speaking) and I’ve finally started writing my third novel. 6000+ words done, so that’s 6% of my aimed for word count reached (I’ve given myself a target of 100,000, but it could well be more, my second book certainly was).

2016 promises to throw some more curve-balls at me, but hopefully I’ll be able to weather the storm and see my life getting back on track. Talking of which, I need to sign off and write for an hour. Toodles!

*edited 02-Nov-2016


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