Goodbye Blogger, Hello Tumblr

Do you know what I hate? Panels! Side panels, top panels, all interfering with what I want to share. I say this because I wanted to post an animated script I created, using Codecademy, of the inner solar system. Blogger’s layout (yep, more Blogger bashing) put pay to that. Thankfully, Tumblr stepped up to the plate, and after a time reacquainting myself with ‘how the hell do I post this thing here’ I managed to get this to work. Seeing its nice clean layout brought me back to thinking about using Tumbr as my primary blogging platform, especially as I’m trying to get into the hang of web design and coding. So this was going to be a post about what’s been going on, but instead it’ll be a post about me jumping ship. See you over at ✮ A Sprinkling of Stars ✮ Tumblr style


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