A Candle Amongst the Stars ~ Introducing the Title

 photo Light amongst the stars.png

“A glimmer of hope is the belief that there is a slight chance that something positive will happen.”

“Glimmer: to glow faintly or flickeringly… like a candle.”

At first glance this appears a rather random title, so how did it come about? The first part of the title boils down to one thing…hope. When I think of hope, several sentences spring to mind…. During stressful times we oft refer to “the light at the end of the tunnel”, “the beacon of hope” or the “glimmer of hope”. In all cases, hope has a visual context. Hope becomes a tangible entity; something that can chase the darkness away, and in the case of the tunnel and beacon, it can also have a guiding quality, leading the person away from the darkness.

Sometimes, in truly dire times, hope’s light can be hard to find. It may be a mere spark, almost drowned out by blackness, yet it’s still there, you just have to search extra hard to find it. Moreover, even a source as small as a candle has the power to light up a person’s world and chase the shadows away.

As for the second part…the stars…well, that’s simpler to explain. The story is set in outer space, which is filled with billions of stars, and amongst them a flicker of candle light would, again, be extremely hard to find…but it’s there.


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