Nail-Biting Coffee

So, a bit of weirdness occurred last night, the product of two intersecting story lines, the conclusion of which I’m still not sure about. Both are extremely mundane in themselves, but cross together for a WTF moment.

The first was me drinking coffee. Nothing is more mundane than that, right? I started off my day as usual and had my first cup of coffee, shortly followed by my second cup. So far, so tedious. The afternoon rolled round, and I had my third cup, followed a while later by my fourth. Up until my fourth I’d been draining my cups pretty darn quickly (and when I say drain, I mean every. last. drop.), but as it was late, and I was distracted with TV and other stuff, the consumption of the fourth was pretty slow. As the evening wound down, I made to swallow the last dregs, only to look in the cup and utter, “what the hell?”

Thus, here enters the other story line, begun the day before. I had decided to cut my finger nails. Yep, another mundane moment in my life. My nails are pretty strong, and I tend to let them grow until a) I can’t type my passwords properly, because I keep hitting the keys above the letters, or b) the length of my little finger nails make me look like I’m a rabid coke-sniffer. So anyway, I go about cutting them with a pair of clippers. Now as I stated, they’re pretty darn strong, so when they meet the clippers, they tend to go flying. I located the majority, but a few had shot across the room, and as the floor is light wood, I couldn’t find them. This was no biggy, as I’d either end up finding them with my feet (ouch!) or I’d round them up when I gave the floor a quick going over with a dustpan and brush before doing my crunches.

As luck would have it, my feet located none (phew). However, I did use the dustpan and brush, though I didn’t notice whether any made it into the pan because by then I’d forgotten I had rogue nails running rampant (it was the next day). What’s important is the nail cutting happened the day before my disconcerting fourth cup of coffee.

Why was it disconcerting? Why had I just uttered, “what the hell?” Because I was looking into my cup, and staring back at me from a thimble’s worth of cold coffee were 2 fingernails!!!

Seriously, how had 2 fingernails ended up in a cup I had previously drained on 3 occasions, exposing no fingernails?

Ghosts?…. No!…. Well, perhaps not…. Maybe :-/

The only culprit I can point my manicured finger at is the kitten. I say kitten, in reality she’s nearly 3, however she’s stayed small and rambunctious, so she’s still referred to as ‘the kitten’. I know she has a penchant for taking her toys (and live flies) and dropping them in shoes for fun. Could she, for some random reason, have found the missing nails and dropped them in my coffee? Usually she drops her playthings in shoes so she can play with them, as she likes trying to dig them back out. Why on earth then would she drop the nails in my coffee when she couldn’t retrieve them? Was she trying to soften them up to eat?

Basically I was left with a host of unanswered questions and fingernails in my mug. The only thing I can fathom from all this is never turn your back on a tortie.


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