Flailing Democracy


The Simpsons – Divination done right

Democracy is the will of the majority of the people. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take into account the common sense of those people.

Yes (in my opinion) voting for Brexit was a stupid idea. And yes, voting Trump into presidency is even more stupid in comparison. Unfortunately, this is what the majority of the people want, so it bugs me when people who voted for the losing option (Remain/Democrats) then start protesting the results.


Yes I get that you’re pissed off. Me too! The EU has provided the UK with many environment-strengthening laws (FYI, I’m a Brit and I voted Remain). Trump is just a walking nightmare for the future of the planet as a whole. But what is done is done. Democracy has spoken. If the legality of such things come into question, then we have a say, otherwise, instead of beating our chests over the outcome, we must put out energy into striving forward. We need to unite, and mitigate the disasters that are highly likely to come.

Human rights must be upheld, the environment must be protected, and we need to get the word out so that when the chance comes again, we can vote for a brighter future while being better informed. Not only that, but get more people voting for that future. I wonder how many of the people currently protesting Trump’s presidency actually voted. Because, according to some figures, nearly half the population of America DIDN’T VOTE! That in itself is a disgrace. We reap what we sow, and in this case, the sowers were apathetic to say the least. Makes we wonder if voting should become mandatory in the UK and US like it is in several other countries.

That being said, what really angers me is that the second majority demographic of US society to vote Trump into power were white women (white men, of course, were the biggest demographic; Annoyingly I can’t find the table I saw it on though). Seriously? What screw must be lose in a woman’s head that she listens as a misogynistic man lauds happily about sexually harassing woman, is under investigation for other sexual assaults, and thinks, “that’s the guy for me!”? Never will I understand that mindset.

Divisive rant over.


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