Still Grinding

My first (official) WordPress post was going to be a summary of what’s been going on with me, but then America happened. *Sigh*.  Anyhow, here I am, back blogging, for who knows how long.

It’s been a rough couple of years, and it’s still going on. My only parent, my mum, died in 2015, as did my 5 year relationship. I ended up stuck in Holland, still living with my ex, because poverty. Finally managed to move back to the UK in the spring of this year, and have spent my time looking for work, while crashing in the spare room of another ex. Oh yes, and all my stuff is still in Holland. So yay! Basically it’s been a couple of years of fluctuating stress and depression, further added to recently by the stupidity of the masses.


Yeah, this is like totally my workspace (*eye roll*)

Still, during the times of uncertainty, I’ve managed to drag myself in front of my computer screen to write. Plugging on, 500 words a day, has brought me to 111,997 words in my third novel, with more to go. At this rate, I’ll probably publish my novel late next year, early the year after. Hardly a fast turn around, but then I’m not the type of writer who quickly churns half-arse books out for a quick buck.

As for why I’m on WordPress now, well I’ve finally stopped holding out. A lot of organisations use this blogging platform, so it’s really something I should get practice in, especially as I want to move into communications as a career choice. I have less control over the HTML, which is a bummer (no scripts in my posts), and it’s control panel is not the easiest to navigate and figure out, but it does provide a nice clean layout. To be honest, I probably got carried away with HTML and CSS on my other pages, which made things too busy. Minimalism looks more professional. So I’ve pulled everything over from Blogger and Tumblr, which I might add was actually easy once I found the option, and WordPress even brought my separate Tumblr pages over, which was nice.

Now I just need to put into practice what I learnt via Google’s Digital Garage, get a nice following, and try and translate that into more book sales. No pressure!

To end this post off, a bit of fun courtesy of Nukazooka


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