Dusting off the Forgotten

So as I’d moved all my blog stuff over from Blogger, I figured the sensible thing to do would be to delete my Blogger account so as not to confuse people. A social media spring clean if you will.


Over I went to the site, only I’d forgotten I’d logged into my Google accounts in the wrong order a few days ago, making a different account of mine the default account. Having Logged into Blogger, I was faced with a hoard of posts I’d forgotten I’d written.

They were during my time in Holland as I tried, and failed, to integrate into the country. They covered my early days between 2011 and 2012, and consisted of musings on customs and idioms that both perplexed and annoyed me. There were also a couple of anti-cetacean captivity posts, and a few bemoans about my weight. There’s also the very first post indicating my desire to write a novel.

Eventually I gave up writing the blog posts as my novel writing took precedence. That and I couldn’t be arsed with coming up with new posts. So I’ve decided to integrate them with this account. A few have been edited as some of the original pictures have got lost along the way, but the majority are as is. The worst part has been deleting all the unwanted formatting that got transferred over with them. A pox on MsoNoSpacing & divs!

To conclude that short period, I failed to integrate into the Netherlands, after five years my relationship died, and so I moved back to the UK. On the positive side, I kept writing (though in spits and spurts), and eventually lost the weight (I’ve actually built a good amount of muscle too). Yes, being in the Netherlands was an experience, but it wasn’t an entirely good one. I became isolated and depressed, and now I’m still struggling to regain traction in my career after having had it stall for five years. Still, we soldier on.


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