Merry Chrimbo

Well that’s the crazy festivities done for another year. What ever your celebration, I hope it was a good one. Me, I got two days of festivities. First up was the Winter Solstice, my main day, what with me being of pagan faith and all that. Had a chilled day at home. The day before I’d baked a chocolate cake, and on the day I made myself a pizza, then watched the closest thing I had to a season-based film, namely the first Harry Potter film. That’s the fun thing about being a solitary practitioner, you get to make up your own traditions. Usually I watch the adaption of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather, but that DVD’s still in Amsterdam with all my other stuff.

Once my housemate came home, me headed out to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Me rocking my Slytherin pin.

Fantastic Beasts was an OK film. Not really on the par of Harry Potter, but then I suppose we don’t know where the story’s heading. I mean, we ultimately know the films are heading towards the time of Potter, but in of itself, the film didn’t seem to be leading anywhere. It was as is. When more films come out, and we see each in context of the other, then perhaps the film will seem a bit, I don’t know, ‘more’. Anyway, the overall rave reviews that have been bandied about over it don’t seem to fit the reality of the experience. It was an OK film. There was a certain lack of subtly over its ‘treat animals nicely’ message (this coming from a vegan!), and I’m not overly convinced that Depp is the person to be playing Grindlewald, So the jury’s still out.

Anyway, after my solstice indulgences, I pounded the cross-trainer for a couple of days in preparation for the next festivities, namely Xmas. Although I don’t celebrate Xmas, my housemate/friend does. So we had his family over, opened more presents, and ate WAY more food.

I also cooked my first Tofurky for my Xmas meal. However, that nearly ended in disaster before it had even started, as I hadn’t bothered to check the instructions. First thing I read Xmas Morning after digging it out from the bottom of the freezer: Defrost for 24 hours before cooking*. Well bollocks! Gods bless the inventor of the microwave! 42 minutes at Defrost later, and I had a cookable lump of tofu. Its stint in the oven done, I was greeted by something that had the toughest ‘skin’ known to man. No knife in the house could cope properly with it. There was a lot of sawing, a bit of cussing, and I ended up with a lump of Tofurky way bigger than I wanted. But hey, what’s Xmas without a healthy amount of excess? Once I’d piled on the roast potatoes, parsnips, steamed veg, vegan pigs-in-blankets, and slathered it with nearly the entire packet of gravy that came with the Tofurky, I had a serviceable Chrimbo meal.

Actually, all that being said, the Tofurky wasn’t half bad. The ‘flesh’ inside was moist, and the outer layer, despite being road-worthy, was still tasty. It’s several days later, and I’m still having slices of it cold for my lunch. My mate made vegan-suitable mince pies, a vegan Christmas cake, and a non-vegan Christmas cake. However, after the full lunch we had, not much headway was made on them. I haven’t finished my chocolate Yule cake, let alone started on my giant Christmas cake!

Yet, when Doctor Who time came around, I grabbed a mince pie and a box of choccies, before disappearing into my room. No way was I having people disturb my Doctor Who watching with random inane chatter!

So…? What did we think of this year’s Chrimbo Doctor Who? Personally, I enjoyed it, and I think it was probably better than previous festive offerings. At first I wasn’t sure about Matt Lucas being in it, but by the end, I was actually happy to see that he’s going to be in the main series as well. I loved his little moments of humour. Now I just have my fingers crossed that Trump doesn’t start WWIII before spring, and we end up missing the new series.

Best present this year? The Slytherin pen my mate got me. You?

Here’s to 2017, and less celebrity deaths!


*I could have cooked it from frozen, but then it wouldn’t have been ready in time for lunch.

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