A Surprising Delivery


As mentioned in my last post, I’ve decided to do an Open University Degree. After signing up I had several sleepless nights filled with, “Oh my gods what’ve I done,” kinda thoughts. I questioned whether it was truly worth it; Argued that, “why the hell shouldn’t I do it, it’ll give me something to be proud of in six years,” (hopefully); and basically went around and around in my head with an anxiety-filled and stress-filled rhetoric.

My decision for the affirmative got buoyed a bit on Sunday. Then is when I do my usual fruitless search of various job listing emails to see if there’s anything I’m in the least bit qualified to apply for. There wasn’t, as per, but I did see a social media job advertised that listed among its prerequisites a degree in either Journalism, Marketing or…. Creative Writing. Ding, ding, ding, we have a module winner! Unfortunately, I won’t be tackling those particular modules for close to two years yet, but it’s good to know that some employees are looking for qualifications in that area.

Then with Monday came a cube-shaped dose of reality. My course stuff was delivered! This came as a total surprise because a) the course doesn’t start until the end of the month, and b) I wasn’t expecting any material. The OU site is all about how they have online resource material, so I just assumed that’s where all my reading texts would be. Imagine my surprise when a delivery driver turned up at my door (which I opened dressed in just my PJs! Doh!) and handed me a VERY heavy box. Opening it I found several large textbooks, plus some computer parts. There was no escaping the truth, I had officially become a student again.


The blurb on the OU’s website relating to the TU100 module, My Digital Life, didn’t make it seem this technically involved. Quite frankly, it’s a good job I know my way around a computer, and have dabbled in free online python programing courses, otherwise on opening that box, and flipping through the material, I would have had a panic attack. To be honest, I’m still bricking it, but just a little less than if I was going into this from a standing start. Apparently this is the last time the course is being run, and it’s being broken down into two parts for future semester enrolments. I’m not surprised!

So now the fun begins, and I don’t just mean the learning part. Now I need to become a Time Management Expert. I have my novel writing to do, which’ll eventually become my novel editing to do. I also do social media, web editing, and newsletter writing on a volunteer basis for MARINElife. Plus I do research writing for the Aquarium Welfare Association (again as a volunteer). Then there’s my fitness training. Then there’s my own social media stuff, across two further accounts, as well as this blog. All of which I need to jigsaw together in such a way that I can do the course, and keep up all the other demands, without going nuts. To be honest, it’s probably a good thing I’m unemployed and have no social life at the moment. Gods help me when/if I ever do find gainful employment again (a social life is overrated anyway).

Final thought: Sherlock makes my brain hurt…but I love it!


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