Party Hardly


I remember my first time being a fresher…well…almost. I remember nearly not having a place to live as the uni ballsed-up my accommodation application. I remember the week of getting to know my housemates with the help of copious amounts of watered-down Fosters. I remember walking home to my digs drunkenly leaning on my housemate, who was doing the exact same thing to me. I remember signing up to societies; the Sailing Club, which I never attended because I couldn’t figure out where they were based, and the Scuba Diving Club, that I attended on and off for three years. I remember the freebee bags filled with fresher essentials like condoms, pamphlets, and other junk that I never looked at again. It was a great time. A chaotic, exciting, and stressful time. That was the autumn of 199(something).

This time around, Fresher’s Week has been a rather sedate affair. Monday consisted of listening to a radio broadcast by the Open University’s Student Union, followed by a live chat meet and greet on Facebook. No chances for fresher’s flu there. Tuesday was another live FB chat on joinable Societies. I had already signed up to the Dr Turing Society, which, as I’ve begun with an ICT module, seemed the appropriate thing to do. However, as the latest message in the group was posted back in Nov 2016, I’m none too hopeful about its level of activity. Wednesday’s live chat was about ‘Meeting OU Students in Your Area’. Unfortunately, I had agreed to go see Assassin’s Creed that night (which I’ll rant about later) so missed it. Thursday and Friday were covering topics that didn’t really concern me, so that was that; Fresher’s Week done.

Still, there were a couple of happy occurrence for me during Fresher’s Week. Firstly, I won an OU pencil case for a photo of my study area, so that was pretty cool. Was hoping for an OU hoody, but as I need a pencil case too, I’m not complaining. Secondly, I had a pleasant accidental finding this week in that, now I’m an OU student, I can access research articles behind pay-walls. It’s just a shame I’ll probably never have time to read them.

Yes I may be a ‘mature’ student who no longer drinks her weight in booze, but the isolated nature of it all left me feeling a little, well, isolated. Doing a distance course is a very different kettle of fish to being in a bricks-&-mortar university. Don’t get me wrong, the concept behind the OU is great; allowing those from all walks of life the chance to study without having to uproot themselves. But being away from the student life means the whole thing lacks a certain something. When you’re at a university, you know (or at least you should know) you’re there to study. There’s a certain feeling you have. A sense of responsibility, urgency, and comradery. Away from it all, that doesn’t really happen. Maybe it will further down the line, but at present I feel a little disjointed with the whole thing.

That being said, I’ve got an early start on things. Term doesn’t officially start until Saturday, but I figured I might as well strike while the iron’s lukewarm. Starting studying early will either allow me to get ahead on the modules, in which case it’ll give me a buffer of a few days should the universe decide to throw a curve-ball my way. Or, if I find I’ve completely rusted up with respect to studying, I’ve got a few extra days to get my head back in the game. So begins six long years of extra stress.

Now…. on to Assassin’s Creed. So…. It wasn’t a terrible movie, nor was it a great movie. It was a meh kind of movie. I’ve never played the Assassin’s Creed series, but I do know a little of its law, and I suppose it was, to a certain extent, reflected in the film. At one point Fassbender took his shirt off for no good reason, though I’m not complaining too much about that *wink, wink*, however, there were two moments that majorly irked me *spoiler alert*.

First off, Marion Cotillard. Now, I have no problem with people with accents being in films, it’s nice to hear something other than an American drawl, but for the love of gods, e-nun-ci-ate! Her very last line in the film was lost. I heard: “Ida did this, mumble mumble mumble.” Me: “Who the hell’s Ida?” My mate reckons she actually said, “I did this, mumble mumble mumble.” Nope, he didn’t know what her last line was either. And apparently, we’re not the only ones….


If anybody out there does know what it was, please tell me.

Second moan…. We’re at the penultimate scene, at the Templer’s meet up. There we see the last assassins converging, exchanging weapons surreptitiously, their cloaked forms appear to be everywhere amongst the crowd. They wait. We’re building up to a major fight scene, you can feel it. Then Fassbender’s character walks onto the stage, slits the guys throat in full view of the crowd, and everyone runs away screaming. Dafuq? What were all those close-up shots about? They were completely irrelevant. Plus, there were only two assassins left other than Fassbender’s, not, as the shots would have you believe, many. It was a rubbish scene, and someone needs a boot up the arse over it.

So that’s that. Studying now begins in earnest, and at some point I’ll be slotting in some manuscript editing. Here’s to a stressful few months!


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