Cattywampus Scheduling


I did my first Open University test over the weekend. I was extremely nervous, despite it only being a practice test and not contributing anything to my final grade. It marked the moment where I’d find out whether I’d been studying effectively, and whether my brain still had the capacity to retain knowledge. I spent two hours re-reading my notes, then bit the bullet. The test turned out to be 20 questions long, and covered material I had yet to study (which seems a daft way to organise things), but despite that, I got 92%. This, after days of worrying over my studying ability, came as a supreme relief. It also went to show that my previous dabbling in html coding and web page design will come in useful, as some of the questions were based on that, and we haven’t even delved into those subjects yet.

Now, as I mentioned, the timing of these tests is a bit off in my opinion. This first test is supposed to cover all the material in the first block (the OU sets out its modules in blocks). There are six sections to this first block. The test was due to be taken after I had studied two. The next test, which will cover block two (if I’ve read the blurb right) is scheduled to be taken before the second block even starts. Huh? This seems a bit cart-before-horse in terms of scheduling things.

However, as these tests are not marked, and are available to take until the very end of the module, if indeed the second test is covering material in the second block, I’ll wait to take it at the end of the block. Likewise future tests. Otherwise I’m just setting myself up for failure.

Also, my earlier worries over how long I was taking to study have been mollified a bit. This second week has seen me putting in around 17 hours, so I guess the first section was just pretty simple.

My OU pencil case that I won still hasn’t arrived. Oh, and I sent off my first job application of the year. Which was soon followed by my first job application rejection of the year. Happy days!


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