Info Overload

First came power cuts, then came more power cuts, the came internet outages. How I managed to get anything done is beyond me, yet I did. Did two weeks worth of uni work in one week, got my first TMA back (mark much better than expected; phew!), did a couple of job applications, and finished my initial grammar and spell check of my 3rd novel’s manuscript. Living in rural Wales ain’t gonna slow this brain down!


Mind you, my brain’s got a lot to attend to. Remember how I was so excited at rediscovering RSS feeds and Feedly? Well, I still like them, but jeeze, talk about info overload. The 20 per day slots (10 per day (when auto-scheduling) in Hootsuite, 10 max in Buffer) I usually struggle to fill have been filled and then some, thanks to the wealth of articles I’m collating. My posts now stretch several days ahead. Great if I have a day off, but it’s going to get to a point where I’m so ahead of myself, the posts will be scheduling when they’re old news. Either I need to pray for a slow news day, or failing that, at some point I’ll have to do a purge, and double up my Hootsuite schedule to clear the backlog. The internet giveth, and the internet bloweth away.


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