The Zerra Series

Set in the Zerren solar system, the Zerra Series follows the struggles of the chaotic rebels as they ward off the advances of the all-conquering Orion Alliance, a human-dominant force. Nefarious individuals combine their forces with the just and good, but will it be enough to stem the Alliance’s flow and save the galaxy?

Book 1: A Candle Amongst the Stars

In the future, the word “humanity” seems to have lost all meaning. Humans have joined forces with other races, to form the Orion Alliance, and are systematically slaughtering and enslaving all before them in the unending pursuit of power and resources. No one, it seems, can halt the tide of war.

In a quiet corner of the galaxy resides the planet Zerra. High above her surface orbits the Scientific Research Vessel Scientia, where Zerrens and humans work together in the name of scientific advancement. But the tenuous peace between the two races is about to be shattered. Zerra has been marked for conquest.

With no hope in sight, some pray, some dare to question their loyalty to mankind’s cause and a brave few conspire. But will it be enough to save Zerra, and ultimately, the human species?

This book contains adult themes and is not suitable for under 18’s.’000000′

Book 2: Warriors Made of Glass

After the confrontation on the mysterious dead world, the experienced fighters that helped the rebel forces secure the space station Scientia have become scattered through the galaxy, leaving a void filled with the inexperienced. With the soldiers Shar and Kan having resorted to piracy, so they can scour the galaxy for their missing leader Tia, it’s up to novice Captain Sin’ma to prepare the chaotic rebel factions for war. Aided only by an equally green Lieutenant Leo Jackson, and an old Zerren priest, he must prepare the newly formed GR for its inaugural battle, as another planet finds itself in the Orion Alliance’s all-conquering sight.

Unfortunately, the enemy has gained a powerful ally, and the GR’s minute chance of success now seems infinitesimal. However, a prophesied warrior and a suicidal plan could see the tide turn in the rebels’ favour.

Meanwhile, new head of security Walks has problems of his own. There’s a possible killer on board the Scientia, and if he’s not careful, he may end up battling a demon more deadly than his alcoholism.

This is the second novel in the Zerra series.

This book contains adult themes and is not suitable for under 18’s.

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